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All I Want Is Sushi! AYCE Sushi Joobu

Are you big eaters? I am (sometimes, despite this small body, that's actually getting bigger). Oops...

Here are some facts:
1. I love sushi. Better accompanied by miso soup, tempura, and other side dishes, of course.
2. All-you-can-eat sushi with affordable price is also the best thing in the world.
3. Fresh salmons make you feel fresh. Salmon sashimi is the best.

Those 3 facts you can get at Sushi Joobu, a sushi place that offers a la carte menu and also ALL YOU CAN EAT package!

Since I am a sashimi-lover, I'd definitely always pick the AYCE package with sashimi in it (another cheaper package doesn't include sashimi). The AYCE-with-sashimi package costs around 220k + +/ person. Don't worry, the + + doesn't add too much burden to your wallet.

Wanna see some of them? Here we go to see some menu that my belly loves so much!

I often visit the Sushi Joobu in Kelapa Gading. It's at the opposite area around Wisma Gading Permai (WGP). Here's the detail:
Sushi Joob…