Katnis Everdeen in Senayan Jakarta

I bet you know Katnis Everdeen, right? The girl from District 12 who is known for her archery skill.
Have you ever tried archery? It turns out to be awesome!
Now I know why Katnis and Legolas look stunning with their bow and arrow.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Mba Wida, I was introduced to archery. Yup, I've played a few times and it was addictive. Really wanna play over and over again.

The first time I played it was around the end of 2015, if I don't remember it wrong. There's an archery field in Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Senayan. It was Saturday. The sun was real bright since early morning. We played at 8.

For me, it was affordable to play the game for 2 hours. For the 2-hour game, it cost IDR 100k where a week prior D-day we need to settle a down payment of IDR 25k to book the spot and schedule.
Before the game, we were given fingers and arm protectors, a bow, and 5 arrows.

All starters will be explained the rules of the game. So don't worry to come and know nothing about archery. Trust me, professionals were once beginners.

Here are several dos and don'ts that I can remember.
1. Wear your fingers and arm protectors during the game. It prevents your arm to get bruised while playing if the bow string hits your arm.
2. Make sure to put your arrow on the arrow rest (front part of the bow).
3. For beginners, put two of your fingers under the back of the arrow. For intermediate, you can put one finger upper and one below the arrow.
4. Close one eye to get a clear focus on the target.
5. Make sure to keep your arm straight and strong when you pull the string to shoot.

1. Do not direct your arrow to people; to the target only.
2. Do not pull the bow string without an arrow on it.
3. Do not tilt your head when you are targetting the target as it will make you hard to get to focus.
4. Do not release any arrow from the bow unless the target area is clear from people.
5. Do not pull the string too long before releasing arrow as it may cause your arm shaking.


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