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Halo Halo Bandung

Being a management trainee is not easy, you know. I don't say it's difficult either.
All MT should do is just relax and do it. Whatever's in front of you, just do it, like Nike said (though I don't wear sneakers to office).
I've done with the first term of my MT period last February, and I am going through the second one til end of July.

Last Monday, June 6, 2016, was my final review day of my MT. Oh... I'm so happy it's all done! Few days after that, on the weekend, I decided to appreciate myself with some vacay to Bandung.

Of course with my boyfie. Here he is...

Off to Bandung on Saturday in the same week of my final review, we departed around 5 in the morning! We went straight to Lembang first.

Here's our 1st spot to stop: Vihara Vipassana Graha

the entrance

one of the places to pray here, i don't know what it's called

some wise words, love it <3

we found love in a hopeful place 

with bf's mom & dad under the bridge of flowers

it's so…