Short, sweet escape: Pramuka Island, Kepulauan Seribu

Who doesn't love beach? And sea?
I adore both! I mean, how can there be such amazing places like those two? How were they made? Hmm... I wonder...

Last September 5th, I went on a trip with my friends (Cynthia, Ray, Dave, Desy, Dhito, and Reno) to Kepulauan Seribu, specifically to Pramuka Island. Have you ever been there?
It was a short, sweet escape for us who barely met each other after getting busy with our own works. This was actually also a long-planned plan that was only just a plan til that day we went to Pramuka Island. We were planning to have a trip together since like a year ago. -_-

Thanks to Dhito, our very own trip 'guide', we finally made it there. We stayed at the island for 2 days, 1 night. Let me share you our story.

We all woke up early in the morning on Saturday, September 5th, 2015, to gather at Cyn's house at 5 in the morning and get ready for our first island trip together. It took around one and a half hour by car (thanks to Cyn's Dad for dropping us off) from Cyn's house to go to Muara Angke Harbour, North Jakarta. After buying tickets for boat (49k/person), we were off to Pramuka Island around 8 and arrived at 10. Two hours on boat! Kinda bored, so we slept, sang, had some snacks, slept again, and played some simple games.
Off the boat, we said hello first to a fisher there whom Dhito already knew. He'd be our snorkling guide. For your information, his fee was only 350k for a whole day. Then, we went straight to our homestay (again, this one was also Dhito's acquaintance). The price was reasonable as for 7 people in 2 days and 1 night, we spent only 400k for it.

Having been impatiently waiting to snorkle, changing clothes was done in a flash, started looking for food and finished in no time, and the next thing I knew was we are on the fisherman's boat, ready to explore the islands. So, what was our first destination to take photos? Yup, exactly. Taking photos and selfies are mandatory. Arrived at Karang Sempit, the sea was turqoise! Really pretty! We didn't snorkle here, just taking some photos of us and the scenery. Next stop was somewhere near Semak Daun island. Yay! Finally snorkling! We put our life jackets on, and JUMPED! 'jumped' I meant holding on the edge of the boat, then threw yourself in the water, but unfortunately I scratched my wrist a bit. No big deal.

Seeing fishes totally refreshed my brain. The cold-and-warm, unstable temperature of the sea water really excited me. Since we got no under-water camera with us, we could not catch any good pic of those cute little fishes :(
But, we did have fun.

Done with the first spot, we moved on, to the ground. We played sand on Semak Daun island. There were some mangroves as well. The sand was white, warm. Some are hot, though. We did not stay there for long. Still craving to snorkle, we found another spot.

I forgot the name of the next snorkling spot. You know what happened here? A friend dropped his snorkling pipe! Geez! It went down to the coral about 5 meters under us! That was deep! He should had replace it with the new one. But the kind fisherman suddenly jumped into the water, dive deep, and came back to the water surface with the pipe in his hand! Applause!! I thought that was a piece of cake for him. Thank you, Mr. Fisherman! :)

Sky getting darker. Wind getting cold. We getting tired.

One last stop: the SHARK POND! Little sharks (they looked big tho) were swimming here and there in a pond, along with other fishes which I didn't know the names. Fascinating! Seeing sharks quite close. Afraid at first. What if we fell into the pond? What would we do?! Hahahaha... It was a relief that it was only a thinking.

So, 3 spots + 1 spot. Each had its own memory for me. This trip was just some talking and discussion for around a year, but I was glad we finally did it!

Looking forward to the next trip, guys.

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