What do I LIKE?

It's the day when I decided to start writing in my blog. WRITING in my blog, not STARTING my blog. I have actually started my blog some time in the past, but I never put something worth writing here. So today I encouraged myself to start writing and this is my first official story.

Let me start with what I LIKE. Why am I starting with that? There's one and only reason. So that I can write here. I  mean, really, I have no idea what to share in my blog and that's why it's been empty since the first time I signed up. Then yesterday afternoon, I was motivated to REALLY START WRITING in MY BLOG. Today I thought to myself, "What should I write? I don't have an interesting story to share." Suddenly I remembered something I like to do and I did it yesterday evening. BASKETBALL...

I often ask so many 'why's to myself. Why don't I write something simple, something I like? I, maybe you too, often think big. I mean like I wanted to write a big story to impress others. Now that I think of it, what's the point of that? Why don't I start with something small like this? Perhaps this story is not important to you and slightly important to me. But, here I go. I've decided to do some real blogging.

Since I was in the 4th grader in the elementary school, I've been playing basketball. I cannot remember what made me do basketball. Really, I can't. What the hell am I doing with basketball? In fact, I'm still playing basketball until today. It's been 13 years! OMG! I counted it just now and it turns out I've been playing that mostly-orange-ball game for 13 years, and of course still counting. A pro? No, I'm not. I'm way too far from a pro. Still, I'm doing it, playing it, and I like it. I never get bored playing basketball. Weird. I realize and I am aware that I'm a type of person who gets bored of things easily. For this case, let's just call it as an exception, then. I do love doing sports. Swimming, badminton, running (running out of money as well, jk), even futsal. You don't know futsal? Figure it out yourself. Yeah, but why, Met? What do I still like playing basketball even though I'm not that good at it? I'm still looking for an answer. But, some people say not all questions have answers. Is that right?

Well...maybe you can tell me why.

Voila! I've done my first writing though it's kind of nonsense!

Anyway, if you have the answer for my question, do let me know :)

A 22-year-old girl who sometimes doesn't get answers for her own questions


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