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What do I LIKE?

It's the day when I decided to start writing in my blog. WRITING in my blog, not STARTING my blog. I have actually started my blog some time in the past, but I never put something worth writing here. So today I encouraged myself to start writing and this is my first official story.

Let me start with what I LIKE. Why am I starting with that? There's one and only reason. So that I can write here. I  mean, really, I have no idea what to share in my blog and that's why it's been empty since the first time I signed up. Then yesterday afternoon, I was motivated to REALLY START WRITING in MY BLOG. Today I thought to myself, "What should I write? I don't have an interesting story to share." Suddenly I remembered something I like to do and I did it yesterday evening. BASKETBALL...

I often ask so many 'why's to myself. Why don't I write something simple, something I like? I, maybe you too, often think big. I mean like I wanted to write a big story to impr…