Which one you do: live to work or work to live?

I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one who ever thinks that life’s too boring just to work. Am I?
I somehow believe that there are thousands who think the same as I do.
YOLO. Yup, one of my favorite quotes ever: You Only Live Once. So what would you do with it? What great things would you make out of it?

I pick work to live. How about you?

Alis & Bulu Mata Gue Tebelan!

Mungkin bukan cuma gue yang happy kalo punya alis dan bulu mata tebelan. Pasti banyak wanita di luar sana yang demikian juga. Hahahaha... I know I'm not the only one.

Jadi emang dari kecil alis dan bulu mata (bulmat) gue tipis pis pis. Trus dulu pernah coba pake kemiri. Mempan? Ngga.

Thanks to pencipta pensil alis dan maskara, alis dan bulmat gue bisa tebel dan lentik (kelihatannya)! Tapi apalah artinya itu kalo dihapus pembersih muka balik lagi jadi tipis.

Trus temen gue sempet ada yang rekomen, "Pake Talika aja." "Berapa harganya? Ampuh ga?" "Ya agak pricey sih, di atas 500an gitu." Dalam hati: Whaaaat? Mahal amaaat! "Oh segituan, mahal juga ya." Lalu gue pun enggan membeli...



Menghitung plus minusnya...

Akhirnya suatu hari yang cerah di saat banyak duit, yaudah gue coba beli deh. Beli lah Talika Lipocil Serum untuk alis dan bulumata di My Little Brownbox via Tokopedias seharga IDR 750k waktu itu. Bentuknya kayak mas…

All I Want Is Sushi! AYCE Sushi Joobu

Are you big eaters? I am (sometimes, despite this small body, that's actually getting bigger). Oops...

Here are some facts:
1. I love sushi. Better accompanied by miso soup, tempura, and other side dishes, of course.
2. All-you-can-eat sushi with affordable price is also the best thing in the world.
3. Fresh salmons make you feel fresh. Salmon sashimi is the best.

Those 3 facts you can get at Sushi Joobu, a sushi place that offers a la carte menu and also ALL YOU CAN EAT package!

Since I am a sashimi-lover, I'd definitely always pick the AYCE package with sashimi in it (another cheaper package doesn't include sashimi). The AYCE-with-sashimi package costs around 220k + +/ person. Don't worry, the + + doesn't add too much burden to your wallet.

Wanna see some of them? Here we go to see some menu that my belly loves so much!

I often visit the Sushi Joobu in Kelapa Gading. It's at the opposite area around Wisma Gading Permai (WGP). Here's the detail:
Sushi Joob…

Katnis Everdeen in Senayan Jakarta

I bet you know Katnis Everdeen, right? The girl from District 12 who is known for her archery skill.
Have you ever tried archery? It turns out to be awesome!
Now I know why Katnis and Legolas look stunning with their bow and arrow.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Mba Wida, I was introduced to archery. Yup, I've played a few times and it was addictive. Really wanna play over and over again.

The first time I played it was around the end of 2015, if I don't remember it wrong. There's an archery field in Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Senayan. It was Saturday. The sun was real bright since early morning. We played at 8.

For me, it was affordable to play the game for 2 hours. For the 2-hour game, it cost IDR 100k where a week prior D-day we need to settle a down payment of IDR 25k to book the spot and schedule.
Before the game, we were given fingers and arm protectors, a bow, and 5 arrows.

All starters will be explained the rules of the game. So don't worry to come and know nothing a…

Halo Halo Bandung

Being a management trainee is not easy, you know. I don't say it's difficult either.
All MT should do is just relax and do it. Whatever's in front of you, just do it, like Nike said (though I don't wear sneakers to office).
I've done with the first term of my MT period last February, and I am going through the second one til end of July.

Last Monday, June 6, 2016, was my final review day of my MT. Oh... I'm so happy it's all done! Few days after that, on the weekend, I decided to appreciate myself with some vacay to Bandung.

Of course with my boyfie. Here he is...

Off to Bandung on Saturday in the same week of my final review, we departed around 5 in the morning! We went straight to Lembang first.

Here's our 1st spot to stop: Vihara Vipassana Graha

the entrance

one of the places to pray here, i don't know what it's called

some wise words, love it <3

we found love in a hopeful place 

with bf's mom & dad under the bridge of flowers

it's so…

Short, sweet escape: Pramuka Island, Kepulauan Seribu

Who doesn't love beach? And sea?
I adore both! I mean, how can there be such amazing places like those two? How were they made? Hmm... I wonder...

Last September 5th, I went on a trip with my friends (Cynthia, Ray, Dave, Desy, Dhito, and Reno) to Kepulauan Seribu, specifically to Pramuka Island. Have you ever been there?
It was a short, sweet escape for us who barely met each other after getting busy with our own works. This was actually also a long-planned plan that was only just a plan til that day we went to Pramuka Island. We were planning to have a trip together since like a year ago. -_-

Thanks to Dhito, our very own trip 'guide', we finally made it there. We stayed at the island for 2 days, 1 night. Let me share you our story.

We all woke up early in the morning on Saturday, September 5th, 2015, to gather at Cyn's house at 5 in the morning and get ready for our first island trip together. It took around one and a half hour by car (thanks to Cyn's Dad for dro…